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Shrink Sleeve Packaging

Your product isn’t 2-dimensional, and your product’s packaging doesn’t have to be either. Leverage the full potential of your product’s surface with shrink sleeve packaging.

Shrink sleeve packaging represents one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry. Using a 360-degree graphic label, the entire surface of the product is used, providing a maximum display area for your brand’s design.

We’re dedicated to helping your brand compete in the marketplace. Through continued investments in our printing presses, as well as the latest seaming and finishing equipment, we offer the best in shrink sleeve printing capabilities, including:

  • HD UV flexo printing
  • Water-based flexo printing
  • Digital printing

Shrink Sleeve Options

We offer a variety of shrink sleeve packaging options to ensure the best fit for your product’s needs.

Some packaging options include:

  • Body sleeves that cover everything but the cap
  • Full-body sleeves that completely cover the product, including the cap
  • Partial body sleeves (belly bands) that don’t cover the full surface of the product
  • Group sleeves that wrap around several products, packaging them for a combined sale

For your consumers’ added peace of mind when purchasing your product, our shrink sleeves can be made with a tamper-proof neckband that seals your product for safety. These sleeves can be perforated so that lids and caps are easier to open.

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