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3D Scanning

We know that it can be difficult for our customers to conceptualize how their label will look on their product when viewing their design on a flat, two-dimensional surface.

Foreseeing potential design adjustments that may need to be made prior to press time is complicated when reviewing the label’s design in 2-D, especially with shrink sleeve applications.

To help overcome this visual obstacle, Advantage Label offers our clients the ability to view their label application using 3-D imaging.

We utilize advancements in design technology that have improved the designing process for non-flat, curved and angled surfaces. This allows our designers and prepress professionals to quickly create, test, analyze, communicate and produce designs with 3-D visuals. It also removes the need to conduct physical test runs.

3-D imaging offers the following benefits:

  • The need for costly mockups is eliminated
  • A 360-degree rotation and enlargement ability allows viewers to see the design placement on the entire product
  • Designers can better understand how to place graphics on uniquely shaped products, preventing costly errors and reworks.
  • The conveniences of easily viewing your designs on a mobile device or laptop

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