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Product Engineering

You need a label that performs well not just for your product, but also for your bottom line. At Ad Label, Inc., our product engineering process will help you accomplish both goals.

We use product engineering to optimize your product’s design, while also working to improve packaging and reduce waste. During the process, optimal materials and processes are considered that can help control total cost. This evaluation may involve adjusting the packaging or label, or assessing production line efficiencies that could be positively impacted by modifying a design.

Product engineering may include:

  • Reconfiguring the press
  • Adjusting the trim size
  • Down gauging substrates when possible
  • Transitioning to another label or packaging type
  • Improving label application efficiency to speed up production
  • Substituting ink, substrates or coating

We’ll work with your company to develop a cost-effective solution that results in a well-designed, properly engineered label.  

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