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In-House Art and Prepress

Advantage Label’s In-House Art and Pre-Press Department offers the optimum turnkey creative solution for your product’s design needs. We can assist you in any part of the design process, whether you need us to take your design and get it ready for reproduction, or to create a label that will make your product dynamically stand out in a crowded market.  

Designing Your Label

Our art and pre-press professionals are up-to-date with current publishing technology and have created top-quality labels for a wide range of industries.

Leveraging this extensive experience, we work with your company to gain a deep understanding of your design needs, brand standards, and order requirements.

Pre-Press Department

Our Pre-Press Department evaluates your job and helps you determine the most cost-effective way to produce your label. We go through the label design and development process with you and make it easy to translate your ideas into a concept that works for your product.  

Packaging Design

Our artists know that when it comes to designing labels, they aren’t always working with a flat surface. They know the importance of choosing the best label material, shapes and design details to ensure that your label flawlessly fits your product.

Whether we provide custom label design, or simply need to tweak your designs to meet printing standards, your label will seamlessly compliment your packaging.

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